Me and I am…

My name is Edgar Payton A.K.A Eddrec. I am what I’m needed to be at the time when my work involves music and sound. I Compose, Record, Mix, Master and Produce. I have experience doing Live Sound for Gigs IMG_0004and Theatre Performances as well. My skills also include composition and sound design for films and videos. Overall I am a Sound Engineer with  a strong knowledge of physics, acoustics and music gear.


Music and sound have always been my passion. Since the early years, while going through my granddad’s tape collection and taking apart old radios I knew I wanted to link the path of my life with music. I started to play the drums, dreamed of being a big rockstar with hundreds of ladies screaming my name from off the stage, but along with time music production and the more technical aspects of music and sound drew my attention and curiosity. That is when I became interested in working with other musicians as well.


I have finished ‘Sound and Music Technology’ in 2011 (NCFE; BTEC) from Leicester College and progressed to De Montfort University. To gain experience I have recorded/produced various artists including: Pamella Moo,Benn Hartmann,Aisha Daisy, Joe Digpal,Zak Leo Gilroy. For Live Sound I have been doing  live music venues at Upper Brown Street Theatre, SoftTouch Arts, Olives Bar (open-mic nights), Claire Squire Memorial gig, etc. I am also Apple Logic9 101 certified and also have knowledge in ProTools.


I also have an interest in the science of acoustics and an object’s sonic characteristics. I also have an interest in sonic weaponry as a non-lethal weapons system since this technology’s development is in its nascent stage I am interested in learning about the ongoing research to advance non-lethal weapons.



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